Being outdoors: Monty’s story

My father taught me how to fish, ja he learnt to fish when he was younger. Him and his friends use to go and fish after school in the Umhlatuzana river.

Pele Moonsamy, a fisher to remember

Perumal (Pele) Moonsamy was a well-known fisher in and around Durban. Born in the 1952 Pele started fishing as a child when he was still at school. For the last 53 years Pele fished on the KwaZulu-Natal beaches from Umkomaas to Stanger.

Fishers unite: Tozi story

Masifundise played a big role because they taught us about our rights and to fight for them as fishers because we were discriminated and we were not allowed to fish anywhere at sea. A strange thing was that other races were allowed to fish or harvest mussels as much as they pleased without any problem or arrested

Indigenous fishing: Thomas’ story

As indigenous fishers we have our own ways of fishing that government is against, we make our own fishing grass basket (for handpicking fishing method) and we weave our own nets. Because of the changing times and things have developed, we now buy nets which are made in China, and that saves time because normally to weave a net can take up to a month.

A fishing heritage in peril

Passing on the fishing baton to instill a sense of identity and culture in his children, Mr. Mbhele has taught his children how to fish so that they could decide if fishing was a viable career path for them. Creating and leaving a legacy is important to him which is why he taught them everything he knows about fishing